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Altitude Speed and Fab Holds Grand Opening Event in Broomfield, Colorado

Written by: Maile Heikka

Photography: Kalin Howard

On May 7th, 2023, car enthusiasts from all over Colorado, gathered at Altitude Speed and Fabrication for its grand opening event! The day was filled with excitement as over 200 people throughout the day came to enjoy the festivities!

Altitude Speed and Fab is the brainchild of Zach and Garrett, two automotive enthusiasts who share a passion for custom fabrication and performance work. At the grand opening event, attendees were able to check out the shop and meet the owners.

Zach and Garrett the owners of Altitude Speed and Fabrication

One of the highlights of the event was the raffle. Altitude Speed and Fab gave away three amazing prizes to lucky winners. The

first prize was an NRG steering wheel, perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their car's interior. The second prize was an Adams Mystery Bucket, which contained a surprise selection of detailing products. And the third prize was a discounted service at Altitude Speed and Fab, giving winners the chance to experience the shop's services for themselves.

The event also featured shop tours, which allowed attendees to see the facilities and learn

more about the services offered by Altitude Speed and Fab. Visitors were able to ask questions, see some of the ongoing projects, and get a sense of the shop's capabilities.

In addition to the shop tours, the event featured a car show, which attracted a variety of vehicles ranging from old classics to newer models. Attendees were able to admire the unique features of each car and meet more people in the community.

The event also featured games and a food truck named Freshly Laid. The food truck provided delicious meals that kept attendees fueled up and ready to enjoy the day's events.

Overall, the grand opening event at Altitude Speed and Fab was a huge success. The event showcased the shop's services and provided an opportunity for car enthusiasts to come together and share their love of all things automotive. Zach and Garrett look forward to welcoming even more customers and enthusiasts in the future.



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