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At Altitude Speed and Fab, we specialize in intercooler kits and charge pipes to enhance the performance and efficiency of your vehicle's forced induction system. Whether you have a turbocharged or supercharged engine, upgrading your intercooler and charge pipes can have a significant impact on power, throttle response, and overall engine performance.


At Altitude Speed and Fab, we specialize in designing and fabricating bash bars and tube fronts for vehicles, providing both style and protection. Our bash bars and tube fronts are custom-made to fit your specific vehicle and can be tailored to meet your individual preferences and requirements.

Bash bars are designed to provide an extra layer of protection to the front of your vehicle, particularly in scenarios such as off-roading or track use, where impacts or collisions may occur. They are typically made from strong and durable materials, such as steel or aluminum, and are strategically placed to absorb and distribute impact forces, helping to minimize damage to vital components.



At Altitude Speed and Fab, we specialize in designing and fabricating custom cages for various applications, including off-road vehicles, race cars, and street builds. Our cages are built with precision and attention to detail to ensure the utmost safety and protection for you and your passengers.


Harness bars and different cage configurations are a huge part of safety when it comes to performance. Each harness bar and cage are fitted to your vehicle and built to the safety rules and regulations of your particular application!



At Altitude Speed and Fab, we offer fuel cells as part of our services to meet the fueling needs of high-performance vehicles. A fuel cell is a specialized container that holds and manages fuel for applications such as racing, off-roading, and other performance-oriented vehicles.


Not all builds can utilize an off the shelf fuel cell. There are many factors when choosing a fuel cell. It could be limited space, a smaller vehicle, or even a type of fuel you’re running. We can build any size or shape fuel cell to conform to your build!


At Altitude Speed and Fab, we offer professional weld repair services to address any welding needs for your vehicle. Welding is a critical process used in various automotive applications, and our skilled welders have the expertise and experience to handle a wide range of welding repairs.


We take in almost any weld repair needed on your vehicle! Cracked tubing, leaking radiator pipes, bracket repair or even replacement parts such as shock tabs or coil-over mounts. You name it, bring it to us and get it repaired!



At Altitude Speed and Fab, we offer ICE (Intercooler Cooling Enhancement) tanks to improve the efficiency and performance of your intercooler system. ICE tanks, also known as ice boxes or water-to-air intercoolers, are designed to lower the intake air temperature by utilizing a chilled water or ice mixture.


When turning up the boost on your factory supercharger, an aftermarket supercharger or air to water intercooler, it has to stay cool to be efficient! We build custom ice tanks to fit in trunks, truck beds, or any other space available. Capacity and flow are crucial to an efficient cooling system, and we make sure they are proper for your build!



At Altitude Speed and Fab, we specialize in high-quality exhaust work to enhance the performance, sound, and aesthetics of your vehicle. Our experienced team of technicians and fabricators can provide a wide range of exhaust services tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


Every vehicle can be complimented by a nice stainless exhaust system. Choose from a variety of diameter piping, mufflers, resonators or straight pipes for the sound you want out of your vehicle! Stainless kits can be expensive, so why not get the most bang for your buck and have something custom built for you!


At Altitude Speed and Fab, we offer catch can installation services to help improve the performance and longevity of your vehicle's engine. A catch can, also known as an oil separator or oil catch can, is a device designed to capture and separate oil vapors and contaminants from the crankcase ventilation system.


Recirculating crank case vapor into your intake system tends to cause buildup of crude and oil, residue in your intake manifold and on your intake valves. This issue only magnifies in higher performance applications. With a custom baffled catch can, this catches the oil vapors and separates them from the air. This allows your engine to recirculate clean, oil free air, or vent to atmosphere! Do your engine a favor and get catch can built and installed!


Infinite Designs

Our fabrication isn't limited to these options. We build custom one of parts for customers daily. This includes anything from suspension to engine and body fabrication. If you have a custom request, we are all about it. Email us today to get started and turn your dreams into reality.

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