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At Altitude Speed and Fab, we specialize in supercharger installations to enhance the performance and power of your vehicle. Our experienced team of technicians has the expertise and knowledge to provide professional and reliable supercharger installation services.

Just bought a supercharger and need it installed? Bring in your vehicle and get your kit installed with us! 

Heads and Cam 

Choosing a head and cam for your ride can be daunting at times. Depending on your needs and future goals, we will fabricate a plan with you to get the best bang for your buck while still gaining top performance. We use only the best brands that are tried and true to ensure reliability and performance.


Engine Builds

Looking for some reliable high horsepower out of your LS or LT? Mild to wild, we can make sure your dreams come true. Our specialized engine building team has over 25+ years experience in building high horsepower GM engines. ranging from stock rebuilds to 1000+ hp.  Get in contact with us today and we will cater a plan directly for your wants and needs!

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